Taste presents
Plates Please

22 March - 13 April 2018

Rue Abraham Constantin 6
1206 Geneva, Switzerland

Employing objects firmly rooted in the domestic, the artists featured in Plates Please have created works that explore many new and varied vocabularies of meaning.
Elevating objects from the ordinary and the everyday, they present us with works that feature a myriad of intriguing narratives from Paul Scott’s re-animation and manipulation of familiar objects to Ruan Hoffman’s observations on life’s experiences and Marit Tingleff’s large-scale painterly landscapes. 

About the Artists

Ruan Hoffmann

South Africa b. 1971

South African born, Ruan Hoffmann originally studied art at the University of Pretoria before embarking on his artistic career. Using ceramic earthenware as his preferred medium, he chooses familiar objects such as plates, containers and tiles as his canvases, however the resulting works are not presented as homely pieces emanating from the domestic sphere but as willful, irregular and misshapen forms on which the artist’s unedited observations on life’s experiences flow in constant, noisy glimpses of thought.

  Still Life with Bread and Wine , 2017, Porcelain, slips, digital ceramic transfers and 23ct Gold Leaf

Still Life with Bread and Wine, 2017, Porcelain, slips, digital ceramic transfers and 23ct Gold Leaf

Susan Nemeth

Australia b. 1957, living and working in the UK 

Susan Nemeth’s work explores the notion of the pot as a relic, womb or container and through this exploration, themes within her work are revealed; the opening may be an orifice or a wound while the belly is exposed as a swollen, bulging paunch above a long, narrow stem, which emphasises insecurity. Porcelain is chosen for its purity, sensitivity and paradoxical qualities of fragility and strength as well as its movement during firing. Surfaces are painted with layers of coloured slip to form a skin-like membrane, while digitally printed ceramic transfers, together with glaze and gold leaf on the final forms, allude to the material’s illustrious history.


Paul Scott

Britain b. 1953

Internationally renowned for his research into printed vitreous surfaces, as well as his characteristic blue and white artworks in glazed ceramic, Paul Scott’s work is concerned with the re-animation and manipulation of familiar and everyday objects. Inspired by printed motifs, patterns and images from industrial ceramic archives such as Staffordshire and Spode, he creates contemporary artworks in ceramic and printed form. His work not only explores a vocabulary of meaning within its designs and images, but also considers the production of the objects themselves and the role they played in an industrialised society. Blurring the boundaries between fine art, craft and design. Scott’s work tells stories that explore the unexpected movement of images through materials, media, cultures, politics, histories and geographies, inviting us to see these objects in a new way.

Marit Tingleff

Norway b. 1954

Marit Tingleff is internationally renowned as one of Norway’s greatest contemporary ceramic artists. Marit uses the landscape of her own daily life as a starting point for her large-scale ceramic plates. She takes ordinary, everyday, functional objects and elevates them to something much more powerful. Her large ce­ramic works are first mod­elled hor­i­zon­tally. Next, while still wet, they are raised to a more up­right po­si­tion with the help of large cus­tom-made walls to counter the impact of gravity which would otherwise make the wet clay sag. Grav­ity also plays a role in how she further
de­vel­op­s the works. Marit pours colour from the top of a work and lets it run down the sur­face to form random lines and pat­terns.

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Rue Abraham Constantin 6
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Thursday 22 March 2018: 17.00 - 20.00

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22 March - 13 April 2018
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