Hanne Enemark & Louis Thompson

Louis Thompson
United Kingdom, b. 1965

Hanne Enemark
South Korea, Danish national, b. 1980

"We seek beyond conventional techniques of making to unveil the incredible potential glass offers. We investigate different methods and processes, play with the balance between perfection and imperfection, in the hope that, when a work is complete, it evokes wonder and amazement.  With the Panicum and Penumbra series our intrigue lies in how these intricate and fragile internal glass fragments contradict the calm surface of the glass form that encapsulates this magical and energetic inner world.”

Since studying together at the Royal College of Art over five years ago, Hanne Enemark and Louis Thompson have worked together successfully on a number of commissions and personal projects. They have a common interest in the tension between chaos and order, fragility and strength, internal structure and external form. Their most recent collaboration, Panicum provided an opportunity for them to crystallise these ideas through a series of large scale, elegant pieces that combine their strengths and common interests as artists and makers.

While making these pieces Hanne and Louis were struck by how the pieces powerfully expressed their creative intent and directly seized upon the drama of the heat of the moment, an intuitive and exciting dialogue between the material and the action of making.

They have referenced early Venetian glassmaking techniques by using a special hard white glass developed by the Venetians to achieve the very fine white lines of colour used in intricate decorative pattern making. The hardness and strength that characterises this white glass comes from a ceramic-based material called Smalto. By using this age-old glass recipe, Hanne and Louis have forged a bond between the historical Venetian glassmaking tradition with their contemporary and playful approach to glass.

This collaborative body of work has been developed further during an artistic residency they both completed at the Museum of Glass near Seattle earlier in 2015.

Both artists live and work in London.

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